Into the mountains

Our last view of Krakow

Our last view of Krakow

We have had a pretty flat tour so far, with some undulating terrain in Sweden and Finland, but looking south from Krakow things were definitely going to get lumpier. We had been investigating a routes from Krakow to Budapest and had found a website showing a “greenway” through Slovakia, the Amber Trail. we planned to follow some of the route as it took us through the more beautiful areas.

Amber route DSC01253


We headed south towards the Polish Carpathian mountains, the Beskids. It took us a few days to find our climbing legs. The roads were quiet and  kept on going up, the temperatures were dropping down to freezing at night. We went pass ski resorts, fortunately with no snow yet, and a 1000 metre col to get our first view of Slovakia. DSC01256The small road we followed through the forest was getting increasingly bumpy and it was no surprise when we came across a group of Polish workers digging it up. They were replacing a bridge and it didn’t look like there was anyway through but they kindly helped us carry our bikes across.DSC01261



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