My dad’s old bench.

It has been a major task getting rid of stuff. We downsized 3 yrs ago but we still had way too much stuff, You realise this when you open the drawers or cupboards.

We managed to sell some of it, give some of it away and recycle a lot. It seems as if the house has exploded scattering its contents , bits landing as far away as Australia. What will I miss?  The stereo, my cds and vinyl, the bikes or my bed? No I don’t think so.

. As I was packing away the garage I had to take my dad’s old bench apart.  He built this about 60yrs ago and I grew up seeing him working on it.. He passed it on to me 30 years ago. It has been sitting at the bottom of my garage ever since. It has shared in my successful attempts to fix and make stuff as well as my failures. It is stained with oil and scarred with drill holes.

It now sits in my son’s garage.




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