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DSC00758 (1)From Kalmar we had a several options we had been told that the 400km of road to Stockholm was through miles and miles of pine trees. We could head inland or take the easy option and cycle up to Oskarshamn and take the ferry to Gotland and see the medieval city of Visby.


We took the easy option, Gotland is rated as a safe and easy place to cycle measuring about 100km by 40km, but waiting for the ferry there were only 4 pedal bikes, hugely outnumbered by latter-day middle aged vikings on their pristine Harley Davidson motor bikes.



Visby the medieval city is a world heritage site and was worth coming to Gotland for. Pip was in ruin heaven and we spent 2 days expioring the city and the excellent museum. There are 16 ruined churches in the city some right next to one another, Pip managed to get me into one before I rebelled. It is cycle friendly but like all small islands there are not that many roads and you end up sharing them with the usual suspects.