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After crossing the Polish Beskids we had a brief respite before we tackled the Low Tatra’s, a relative term as they have peaks of 2000 metres. We were really lucky with the weather, we had sunshine most days, the autumnal leaf colours and Slovakia were beautiful. We stayed in small pensions and sampled the local cuisine which was very tasty, filling and excellent value. DSC01266


The towns were incredibly quiet and the pensions we stayed in almost empty. The scenery was amazing with long climbs over the foothills of the mountains then dropping down through deciduous forest ablaze with colours into the next valley.



Oravsky Castle near Dolny Kubin

Oravsky Castle near Dolny Kubin


DSC01279We had a couple of big days to get us through the Low Tatras climbing more than a kilometre a day, through small villages smelling of wood smoke, fueled by amazing hot chocolate so thick you could stand your spoon in it.


Then a 16km woosh down to Banska Bystrica, only slowed down by lorries limited to 60kph on the downhill.

Banska Bystrica is a pretty city with a museum to the Slovak resistance in the war. It has a large section on the Czech and Slovak fighters who joined the RAF and fought against Germany during the second world war, but very little on the Soviet occupation.

The main square

The main square

A touch of Soviet town planning

A touch of Soviet town planning with the Slovak museum in the background

We headed on down the Amber route towards Banska Stiavnica. The towns main industry had been a gold mine. The hills around here were lower with peaks of 600 to 800 metres.

From there it was downhill to the Hungarian plain. We were sorry to leave the mountains. We’d had a fantastic time cycling through them, but winter was on its way with both temperatures  and leaves falling .