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We had found cycling to be pretty easy so far in Sweden. Quiet cycle routes usually well marked on empty roads. There weren’t large numbers of cyclists around, a lot fewer than in Denmark, but Sweden is a much bigger country. The roads got a lot busier nearer to Stockholm and the cycle paths fewer, we often ended up cycling down some pretty busy roads with no prospect of any alternatives. Things improved when we got nearer to Stockholm though and there were good routes taking you directly into the city.


Cycling around Stockholm is fun, and a lot better than in most cities in the UK. Stockholm is spread out over  several islands and a bike or a boat is a great way to get around it.

Even London doesn't have these.

Even London doesn’t have these.

One of the highlights was the Vasa museum. Pip was hooked and it took me more than half a day to get her out of there.It’s an amazing galleon that sank 1.5 km into it’s maiden voyage in 1633.



Getting out of Stockholm was relatively easy we picked up the Baltic route that took us along the coast past countless expensive houses and marinas and then North to Grisslehamn to catch a ferry to the Aland Islands which are owned by Finland and whose inhabitants are Swedish.

The ferry to the islands is super cheap,  about £10 each, a tenth of the cost of getting to Gotland. We found out why on board, it was a booze cruise. Alcohol was sold duty free and the thirsty Swedes were buying crates of the stuff.