Exped Downmat ul 7

Exped Downmat UL


I can only cycle tour if I can get a good nights sleep, as you get older you appreciate a comfortable bed. We had been using Exped 9 Downmats which were super comfortable but a bit on the heavy and bulky side and took ages to pump up. It was worth the effort though as they were very comfortable. Ours were getting a bit old we had had them for 5 years so it was a good excuse to switch to the lighter UL versions.

750ml water bottle Cumulsus Quatom 200 down bag, Exped UL 7m
750ml water bottle Cumulsus Quantom 200 down bag, Exped UL 7m

The ULs are 50% lighter than the Exped 9s and much easier to inflate, you can get them blown up in a couple of minutes with minimal effort using the new lightweight Schnozzel bag. They also pack down a lot smaller. http://www.exped.com/exped/web/exped_homepage_na.nsf/b43popup4/2A9E7D03BE26A60DC125767E00705EAE?Opendocument .

I have a medium which is fine for my height 1.84m and Pip has a small saving a few grams and some volume. They are so easy to inflate taking seconds rather than practicing CPR on the old style Exped 9s with integral pump.

We have found them as comfortable as the Exped 9s and so far as resilient.


After one year of use both our expeds have failed. In both cases a baffle blew out leaving a big lump in the mattress. We were very lucky that this happened whilst we were back in the UK. We contacted the suppliers who replaced both mats under warranty. They come with a 2 year guarantee.

They still would have been useable but it would have been a real pain to get them replaced had we been on the road.

I would reccomend deflating the mats in the morning if you are anywhere hot as I am sure that pressure was put on the baffles by the mats heating up in a hot tent. We will see how the new mats last.


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