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Pip bought her bike from 3 years ago when we were on our last tour. It fitted all the criteria for a long distance tourer, solid build quality, comfortable, touring geometry, 26 inch wheels, Rohloff hub and it was a bike that fitted her. It is the cycling equivalent of driving a Volvo. idworx are unknown in the UK but it’s founder is Koga junior who’s aim is to build better bikes than his dad.


Pip must have done about 20,000km on it now and apart from a few scratches the bike rides as good as new. The only changes we have made to it are shortening the cranks to 155mm, replacing the bottom bracket with the new idworx EBB long life bottom bracket.It has needed a new rear sprocket and chain and a set of brake pads. The rear mudguard cracked and needed replacing. I changed the gear ring to a smaller 36 tooth in Krakow to get over the mountains in Slovakia. Apart from a regular oil change at 5,000km intervals for the Rohloff that is it.

The Magura brakes don’t work quite as well in the wet despite fitting green pads because the sintered rims have smoothed off. I notice that idwork are now intoducing models with disc brakes which won’t have this problem.

The frame is aluminium but very well built, the argument against aluminium frames for long distance touring is if that something breaks it is difficult to fix. I can’t see anything on this bike breaking. Pip loves it and finds it very comfortable and fun to ride.

10,000km into our trip 30,00km total mileage for the idworx or.

We have had some difficult climbs and bad roads coming through Turkey but the idworx or has taken all in it’s stride.  It has coped with a few coach journeys, being stuffed in the hold of a coach for upto 13hrs. We are careful when we put the bikes in, taking off the pedals dropping the saddles and turning the handlebars around. We then bungey them to a stanchion to stop them falling over. So far it has worked and no damage to either of our bikes.

We even had to take a taxi ride the other day with both bikes on top of a roof rack of a Lada estate. The idworx or is very well built and there are no parts of it that stick out or are fragile and likely to be damaged.

Like my tout terrain tyre wear has been very low with plenty of tread left on both tyres.

One suprise is that the sprocket wear on the idworx is greater than my tout terrain. Pip is lighter than me and carrying less weight. However she is running a 16 tooth sprocket which might account for it.

I reduced the amount of oil I put in the rear hub at the 10k oil change. Robin from Thorn Cycles reccomends only replacing 8mls of oil at the oil change after flushing out the hub. The rational is that there is still 8mls sticking to the surfaces in the hub and another 8ml will be enough for another 5k.

I think this makes sense as like my tout terrain oil weeps from the non sprocket side of the hub and reducing the amount of oil in the hub should lessen this. We will see.

Brake block wear has been low, unfortunately the rims are getting a bit polished now despite being sintered. They are not wearing much though. This does make braking in the wet not so good. We had a long downhill in a thunderstorm and Pip had to keep her brakes full on to try and slow down.

Pip is still loving her bike and finds it supremely comfortable and stable to ride even over some bad surfaces. W are likely to get more of these as we head into Turkmenistan.


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    1. admin Post author

      Hi Chris,
      It is a great bike, very well designed and constructed. With the pound worth so little now it costs over £4,000 pounds new. Pip had no problems with hers. It survived many indignities even being on the top of a minibus when it turned on it’s side.
      It can run fat tyres with plenty of clearance for mudguards. Even in thick mud we kept going whilst others were getting stuck.

      If I was buying new today I might be tempted by a pinion geared bike with belt drive and discs. If you are on a budget £1500 should get you a good second hand tourer with a Spedhub.


  1. Janek

    I am getting one tomorrow. Found a real bargain and although it’s my 3 rd bike and my flat is only 38 m2 I coldnt resist 🙂 I had Koga Globe Traveller S before but after 12 years aluminium frame gave up and since then I was looking for a good replacement and once I saw Idworx and its build I knew this was it 🙂 Good luck !


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