Primus eta Power multifuel stove

primus_etapower-ef-apart_351001We have used our Primus for the last 4 years. The pots have a ceramic non stick surface that works extremely well and is very hard wearing. 2.1 litres is a nice size for 2 people allowing you to cook one pot meals. The plastic bowl also allows you to transfer pasta etc to and then continue to use the stove to cook something else. It packs down nicely into an insulated carrier with which you can save fuel by putting your hot pot in so your food continues to cook. It fits nicely into a front pannier with room around to carry spices and other food.

Assembling is very easy and initially I thought the connections were not robust, but they have stood up to heavy use with no problems. We run it on white fuel where available or petrol. Petrol produces more soot so I use a suede brush to keep the burner clean after each use. We use it with an 860ml fuel bottle which provides enough fuel for 2-3 weeks regular use. We make coffee in it for breakfast just heating the water and coffee together and letting it brew. It pours extremely well.

Lighting is straightforwards with a small tray for preheating lit first. We carry a larger heat proof mat to prevent igniting grass etc in very dry hot conditions. It burns well even in the rain and strong winds.

We have been very happy with the stove, it is lasting well and easy to service. Definately a 5 star award.

weight 932 gms

dimensions 210mm by 210mm by 135mm

  • Output: 1500 – 2000w; 5400 – 7000 BTU/h
  • Boil time: 2.5 – 3.5 minutes (plus 45 – 60 seconds preheating)
  • Manual ignition
  • Burner base
  • Windscreen
  • 2.1 litre EtaPower pot with heat exchanger
  • Frying pan
  • Handle
  • ErgoPump
  • Multi tool
  • Storage bag (can also be used to insulate the pot

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