Hilleberg Nallo 3 gt

Nallo 3GT

DSC00688When you are planning a long tour one of your major thoughts is where you will sleep. We were planning to camp a lot of the time and wanted a tent with a bit more space, lightweight, quick and easy to put up and take down. We thought about free standing tents but they tended to be smaller and a bit heavier.

Like many other cycling tourists we went for the Hillerberg Nallo 3GT. It ticked all the boxes was well made and had excellent reviews.

It has stood up extremely well to some serious weather, we have had some torrential downpours and stayed nice and dry. We have woken up to ice on the tent and stayed snug inside.The colour merges nicely with vegetation so you don’t stand out when camping wild.It is also easy to take the inner tent down separately and then take down the outer tent. This is particularly useful when it is raining. We have the obligatory fitted groundsheet which makes the vestibule space much more practical. This is super useful when it is raining as you can sit inside the vestibule keeping dry and still cook outside.

The tent has a large vent that you can open at the base and a vent in the vestibule, the downside of the lower vent is that you can get small animals intruding such as hedgehogs and cats. Despite the vents condensation tends to occur when the temperature drops and particularly on calm nights.

We have been very happy with it and wouldn’t change it for anything else. It folds up to a compact shape ideal for bungying on to a bike rack.




5 thoughts on “Hilleberg Nallo 3 gt

  1. Marston Mitchell

    How are the zippers,I’ve read some poor reviews regarding the quality is a bit cheap for the amount one pays for the tent.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, we have had the tent for a couple of years and have used it for at least 150 nights in all sorts of conditions. All the zips are working fine and appear pretty solid to me. We keep an eye on the zips using a toothbrush to get any dirt off them. The quality of the tent is good throughout and very well designed. It stands up to severe weather very well. We are very happy with it.

      regards Bill

  2. Marston

    Thanks Bill,we are thinking of buying this tent. We met a couple in Montana on last summers tour and they were very unhappy with same tent. Leaks and zipper issues . Your input is appreciated. Also I was wondering what you use for rain gear.. Cheers Marston

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Marston, we have had some very wet days and nothing keeps you dry for long. We layer up with merino base layers if cold a windproof then I have a Goretex paclite Mammut top and DHB event trousers Pip has a Rab Event top and trousers. Being wet and cold is the killer and we have learnt from bitter experience to take shelter in those conditions.
      Pip says that the only downsides to the Nallo are that it is not free standing and that the material tends to expand a little when wet so you just have to tighten the guys to stop it flapping. Space to weight ratio is really good you can live in it if the weather is bad for a while and not go crazy. We met a German family in Denmark who had a Hilleberg made of the thicker material that they had been using for 15 years!

  3. Bikes4two

    Hi to anyone considering the Nallo 3gt – we’ve had ours for a few years with maybe 60 nights use and no problems with zips or any other materials. A first class te t IMHO


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