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We have been thinking about this for a while. Ever since we took 3 months off and cycled around some of Europe on a tandem with a 2 man tent. What next…. How about doing a bigger tour when we retire in a few years time. We had bumped into fellow cycle tourists who had taken time out and gone on extended tours, we met cycle tourists who had retired and were heading off for a few months with no set plans.

The idea kept on growing and became a bit of a dream. A few years away somewhat intangible…. where could we go? How about just taking off and heading east. Exploring as we go and if we keep going long enough we could make it round the world.

What would we do with all our stuff? After our last trip we came back and within 3 months had sold our house and moved into a small rented house near the river kennet in Wiltshire. A 26km commute to work through some gorgeous country. What do we need? Just enough to fill 2 sets of panniers and the rest…. pack and store, for what, we may not be back. So why not sell up and go.

That idea grew and grew. Why wait a few more years what is wrong with going the year after next. OK we start planning, it’s do-able but the idea keeps growing and the feet start getting itchy.

Sod it let’s go………….. 30.03.13


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  1. George and Jean

    Congratulations on the decision – we’re sure you will have a wonderful time!
    Found your site via your eBay ad for the tandem – a pity you can’t use it for this trip, but understand your reasoning – and we sometimes feel a bit vulnerable to breakdowns and crashes on our tandem. There’s nothing quite like a tandem for covering the ground though. See our website for some of our trips – it sounds like you’ve done some good ones too.


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